do you have retail shop or online store ?
according to scientific studies more people like shopping through websites then apps then social media and through phone calls come at last.
now you can create your store page on zoal store and start to sell your products and join the e commerce world
so what will you get when joining zoal store ?
– you will get your own page where customers can find all of your products, read the reviews and your store description.
– customers can search your store and find your products.
– when someone orders a product from your store page the delivery boy will come automatically to deliver it and hands to you the earnings.
– costs will dramatically decrease due to the lesser need of employees because all of your work can be done from store manager page.
– you won’t need paper work anymore to count your products, just put the number of your stock and zoal store will do and observe everything for you.

-mobile app will be released soon so you will take control all of your products from one place
– you will get 3 month free trail until October then you will pay a fraction of commission